Have a question about using Shared Expense Tracker?

Look first in the Help

While using Shared Expense Tracker, open its Help menu and choose Help Topics. You’ll find a lot of great information that’s easy to follow. If you still have a question after that, e-mail Support@AppMagic.com.

Privacy Statement

When you install Shared Expense Tracker on your Windows computer, we ask you to tell us where you heard about our app. Answering the question is optional. You don’t need to answer the question to install and use Shared ExpenseTracker. If you do answer the question, we may use the information you provide to help determine where our customers find software on the Internet.

We don’t collect any personally identifiable information, such as your name, email address, or credit card information. We don’t use cookies, analytics, or any other method to track anything about your usage of Shared ExpenseTracker. We don’t collect, view, monitor or in any way access any information you enter in Shared ExpenseTracker. All information you enter is stored only on your computer.

Find a bug?

Then please let us know about it. If we can reproduce it, we’ll fix it and make a new and improved version of Shared Expense Tracker available for you to download. To help us out, include exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred, and let us know if you can make it happen again.