Save receipts, use Shared Expense Tracker, & pay up!

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Save receipts

People in your household can shop and pay bills however you want. Buy shared groceries, pick up his laundry, put her plane tickets on your credit card, whatever is convenient. Just save receipts, ticket stubs, or some other record of each transaction, initialling them with whoever paid. Stuff them in a shoebox or envelope.

Enter receipts in Shared Expense Tracker

When a bunch of receipts have piled up, announce you're going to reconcile household expenses. Walk around with a big handful of receipts complaining about how long it's going to take. Then when no one is looking, fire up Shared Expense Tracker and begin entering receipts.

For each receipt, type who paid what, and charge it to whoever owes for it.

If there's anything on the receipt you don't want to pay for, like drill bits for her woodshop, single them out to charge to her. You can also keep track of who owns what ("Did I buy the rice cooker or did you?"). Whatever you do, it won't take long. Shared Expense Tracker's streamlined design allows entering most receipts in seconds.

Pay up!

As you enter receipts, Shared Expense Tracker keeps a running tally of who owes who what. At any time, you'll know that John owes Helen $230.60 or Helen owes Caroline $465.72.

As for making sure you actually pay each other? We'll leave that up to you.

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